IHSS Fact Check: The Non-Provider Parent in A Two Parent Household Must Work Full-Time

Must the non-provider parent work full time? Larry fact checks & debunks whether the non-provider parent in a two parent household must work full time. This pertains to two parent households where one parent is an IHSS live-in provider and the other live-in parent is not an IHSS provider. Watch this IHSS Video to find out if this IHSS rumor is true or false.

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Video Transcript

“There is nothing in the regulations that states that the non-provider parent must be full-time. That is an old wives tale. The regulation states that they must be employed or going to school full time or they are actively looking for work at a time in which a service (an IHSS service) is being provided. That is the standard.” – Larry Rosen

IHSS Fact Check Result: The non-provider parent must work full-time is FALSE

For a detailed explanation, watch the full video, “IHSS Parent Provider Employment Rules“. In the full video, Larry sites the following all county letters and MPPs to reach his conclusion. The documents provide clarifications about the IHSS regulations for two parent households.

IHSS Fact Check: The non provider parent in a two parent household must work full-time. Result: False.

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IHSS Fact Check - The Claim: The non-provider parent in a two parent household MUST work full-time.
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