About IHSSadvocates

IHSSadvocates’ mission is to provide families with children diagnosed with developmental disabilities, such as ASD, with the tools and services to obtain and maintain Protection Supervision. Our vision is to see the number of eligible families receiving Protective Supervision increase significantly. We provide assistance and representation throughout the application, assessment, reassessment, and administrative hearing processes.

Since its inception in August, 2010, IHSSadvocates has contracted with hundreds of families and have a 96% success rate. IHSSadvocates has obtained millions of dollars in benefits for its client families.

The single most powerful tool a child diagnosed with a developmental disability can receive is the Medi-Cal DDS/ Institutional Deeming waiver issued by a regional center. This waiver unlocks an incredible asset known as Protective Supervision and is provided through IHSS. As a result of Protective Supervision, a parent (or other caregiver) receives an hourly wage to act as the child’s stay-at-home caretaker.

Currently, only 10% of those eligible for this service actually receive it. Very few consumers are even aware of the availability of this benefit. Scores more apply but are routinely denied for seemingly unscrupulous “reasons.” Exhausted from repeatedly encountering roadblocks, most families simply give up. IHSSadvocates is there to take charge and “get it done.”

Protective Supervision is the most powerful resource of them all, and is clearly worth fighting for. We are here to guide you step-by-step. 

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IHSS Advocates: Improving the Developmentally Disabled Community One Family at a Time
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