California's IHSS Advocates David, Larry, and Shirley
Our mission is to provide California families that have children diagnosed with developmental disabilities, such as ASD, with tools & services to obtain and maintain Protection Supervision. We provide assistance and representation throughout the application; assessment, reassessment, and administrative hearing processes.
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Getting Started with California IHSS
How to guide to California's IHSS program. In this overview you will learn about the IHSS program, eligibility, how to apply, and what to expect during the initial intake assessment.
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Notice 2014-7 Information Center

IHSS Income Excluded From Gross Income

Update: New Q&A's from the IRS - "Certain Medicaid Waiver Payments May Be Excludable From... Read More

IHSS Income Not Federally Taxable

The IRS just recently published this document to provide clarity to the earlier released... Read More

Notice 2014-7 Explained by Regina Levy, CPA

Gina Levy has been described as the "special needs CPA" by her clients. She has been the... Read More

IHSSAdvocate's Chief Managing Partner's Son Graduates Elementary School With Honors

IHSSAdvocate's Chief Managing Partner, Larry Rosen, acknowledged Dwight D. Eisenhower Elementary School in Corona, CA for its outstanding culture of inclusion for the developmentally disabled! He gave thanks to the SCIAs (special circumstances instructional aides), IEP coordinators, and entire school staff who have been supporting his son, Benny, since the beginning of his scholastic career.
Larry says "With the help of a Special Circumstances Instructional Aide, my son was able to graduate from the sixth grade with honors. Push your kiddos to achieve their maximum potential!! You may be pleasantly surprised."


Lightbourne Director's Alternate Decision
Many of you had caseworkers reduce IHSS hours for times when a "non provider" parent was present in the home. Read this Director's Alternate decision from an administrative law hearing in which IHSSadvocates participated as an advocate.
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New FLSA & SB 855 Requirements

IHSS Implementation of New FLSA & 855 Requirements

Download a presentation from CDSS regarding the new FLSA & SB 855 requirements
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Cuts to IHSS Will Affect 270K Women

Cuts to IHSS affect the income of nearly 270,000 women

A state known for it's progressive history of gender equality seems to be taking a step backwards as Governor Brown's budget proposes capping IHSS caregivers' hours.
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Overtime Prohibition for IHSS Workers

Governor Jerry Brown attempts prohibition of overtime for IHSS workers

Brown's proposal would prohibit IHSS works from working over 40 hours a week.
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IHSS Attempts to Define Full Time Employment

IHSS Minor Recipient Living with Parents, ORD No. 0113-01

For years, caseworkers have been wrongly reducing or denying IHSS hours because two parents were present in the home.
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2014 Walk Now for Autism Speaks

2014 Walk Now for Autism Speaks Angel Stadium of Anaheim

Come join us at the Angels Stadium of Anaheim for the Walk Now for Autism Speaks Resource Fair/Walk
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2014 Special Needs Resource Fair

Family Focus Resource Center Special Needs Resource Fair at CSUN on November 8th, 2014. Admission is free!

Family Focus Resource Center, is hosting a Special Needs Resource Fair at CSUN on November 8th, 2014. Admission is free!
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TACA Family Picnic

Stop by our booth to get all your in-home supportive services questions answered, and get details how we can get you started on your path to receiving IHSS benefits

IHSS Advocates will be recognized as a "faith" sponsor at this year's 11th annual TACA family picnic. Stop by our booth to get...Read More

2014 Antelope Valley Autism Walk

Join IHSS Advocates for the 2014 Antelope Valley Autism Awareness Walk and Resource Fair.

Stop by our booth at the 2014 Antelope Valley Autism Awareness Walk and Resource Fair for help in receiving IHSS
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2014 Walk Now for Autism Speaks Community Resource Fair

2014 Los Angeles Walk Now for Autism Speaks Community Resource Fair

Meet with an IHSS advocate at our booth and get all your questions about in-home supportive services answered
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Autism Info

Autism: Don't Try to Make Sense, Make a Difference!

Autism: Don't Try to Make Sense, Make a Difference! By Haim Ore

Learn techniques and strategies for dealing with the behavior of autistic children in the book...
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Antibody Clue to Autism

group of maternal antibodies that target proteins in the foetus' developing brain

Study finds that 23 percent of mothers whose children have autism have autoantibodies to certain proteins that are necessary for healthy...
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IVF Raises Autism Risk

intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection raises autism risk

Research shows that intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is associated with a higher risk of autism...Read More

Air Pollution May be Linked to Autism

 Air Pollution May be Linked to Autism

In utero and early-life exposure to pollutants like diesel particulates, mercury and lead, may contribute to a higher risk of autism
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Constipation Cause for Acting Out?

biological link between autism and GI issues

A common cause of autistic children acting out may be because they're constipated...
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