IHSSadvocates Referral Program

Earn $400 and help a friend or family member over turn their child’s denial of IHSS Protective Supervision by referring our services to them. Each family’s case is unique and often times PS is obtained without the help of an IHSS Advocate. We encourage everyone to educate themselves and go through the application/assessment process on their own and only seek the help of an advocate if they’ve been denied Protective Supervision in their NOA (Notice of Action).

* This program is only available for referrals given after April 1st, 2022

What You Do

  • Encourage those you know that need help with their PS denial to contact IHSSadvocates for assistance. Note: We also give free advice!
  • When that person contacts us, have them give the Advocate your full name and contact information.

Ways The Person You Are Referring Can Contact US

  • Have the person request a free IHSS Advocate evaluation on our Free Evaluation Page
  • Have that person contact us from one of the methods on our contact page
  • Send us a private message from Facebook via our Facebook page
  • Share information about our referral program by using one of the following links

How to Get Paid

  1. IHSSadvocates takes on the case of the person you’ve referred to us. Remember, no fees are collected unless we win the case.
  2. We win their case and the denial of Protective Supervision is over turned
  3. IHSSadvocates’ fees are paid in full
  4. You are awarded $400

Why Choose IHSSadvocates

  • We do not collect a fee unless we win your case
  • 600+ denials overturned since 2010
  • 10+ years experience
  • 96% success rate
  • Millions of dollars in benefits obtained for California families
  • Our fee is less than 4 months of your 8 month retro payment (typical in most cases) that you won’t have unless you win your appeal.
  • Typical IHSS benefits over a 3 year period can exceed $100,000. After we win your case, for 3 years, we will provide services that may be required in the event that your benefits are in jeopardy.
  • Given our experience with the courts, and expertise gained over the years, we can organize and present your case to the ALJs in a fashion that is easy for them to follow. We take out all the leg work for you.

Many families apply but are routinely denied for seemingly unscrupulous “reasons.” Exhausted from repeatedly encountering roadblocks, most families simply give up. IHSSadvocates is there to take charge and “get it done.” Only use an advocate if it puts you in a place that is better than where you are currently at.

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