How to Avoid The IPO Dance

In this video clip advocate, Larry Rosen discusses how to avoid the “IPO Dance”. He explains how retroactive pay can be short paid during the transition from the IPO program to the CFCO program. This is a common problem when those currently in the IPO program are later granted Protective Supervision. A basic run down of the IPO & CFCO programs, and a short history lesson about CFCO is also given.

Video Notes:

IPO and IHSS-R will potentially cap total hours at 195, unless the recipient is deemed to be severely impaired. CFCO will not cap at 195. So, if somebody has their retro-activity for Protective Supervision paid while under another program other than CFCO, they risk being short paid. The CFCO designation should be changed first. –Larry Rosen

Link to: ACL 14-60

Video Slides – IPO Dance

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IHSS Advocates | IHSS Video: How to Avoid The IPO Dance

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