What changes when a child with Protective Supervision turns 18?

When a child with PS turns 18 yrs old there are changes in provider employment rules and hours in domestic care/housekeeping are made available. Watch the following video clip of advocate, Larry Rosen as answers this question in more detail.

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Video Transcript

Viewer Question: What changes a when child becomes 18? In terms of Protective Supervision?

Answer: At age 18 the child is no longer a minor. So at age 18, the rule that says that, “in order to be a provider, a parent has to be either barred from full-time employment, or prevented from full-time-employment, or left full-time employment”; is no longer a rule. That’s number one. So if you happen to be a Parent Provider and you’ve been forced to work a part-time job because of the need to care for your child, you can now go full time and they can’t do anything with your hours. That’s one change. There’s also other hours that are available to you at age 18. They are gonna be your domestic and the majority of related services. Those are going to be things like house cleaning. We don’t live in the north, but potentially if you where in an area that had snow, clearing snow. It’s those things that you would expect a home keeper to typically do in terms of the care of their home. It’s off limits to minors because it’s assumed that the adults who supervise the minors would be responsible for those duties. But at age 18 when the recipient becomes an adult, that’s not the case anymore. ~ Larry Rosen

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