CFCO Eligibility ACL 14-60

IHSS CFCO eligibility (as it is stated in ACL 14-60) is discussed in this video segment by advocate, Larry Rosen. CFCO is an acronym for the “Community First Choice Option” IHSS program. If you where approved for Protective Supervision, then you qualify for CFCO. A segment from ACL 14-60 pertaining to CFCO eligibility is below the video.

Video Notes:

Below is a segment from ACL 14-60 that outlines CFCO eligibility.

CFCO Eligibility
All CFCO participants must be eligible for Full-Scope, Federal Financial Participation
(FS FFP) Medi-Cal (as in the PCSP and the IPO programs), and meet CFCO NF LOC
eligibility based on one of the following criteria:

  1. Have a total assessed need (excluding heavy cleaning and yard hazard abatement) of 195 or more IHSS hours per month.
  2. Have a total assessed need (excluding heavy cleaning and yard hazard abatement) under 195 IHSS hours per month and:
    • Have 3 or more of the following services with the designated Functional Index (FI) Ranks:
      • Eating, FI Rank of 3-6
      • Bathing/grooming, FI Rank of 4-5
      • Dressing, FI Rank of 4-5
      • Mobility inside, FI Rank of 4-5
      • Transfer, FI Rank of 4-5
      • Respiration, FI Rank of 5-6
      • Paramedical, (FI Rank not applicable)
    • OR – Have a combined FI Rank of 6 or higher in mental functioning (memory, orientation, and judgment). FI Ranks for mental functioning can be either 1, 2, or 5.
  3. Have a combined “Individual Assessed Need” total of 20 hours or more per week in one or more of the following services:
    • Preparation of meals
    • Meal clean-up (if preparation of meals and feeding are assessed needs)
    • Respiration
    • Bowel and bladder care
    • Feeding
    • Routine bed baths
    • Dressing
    • Menstrual care
    • Ambulation
    • Transfer
    • Bathing, oral hygiene, grooming
    • Repositioning and rubbing skin
    • Care and assistance with prosthesis
    • Paramedical services

The above NF LOC criteria were developed by DHCS in consultation with CDSS.

Link to: ACL 14-60

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