Can I home school my child who has Protective Supervision?

Yes, you can home school your child if they have IHSS Protective Supervision. This question was asked by a viewer during a live event on May 14th, 2021. Watch the following short video clip of advocate, Larry Rosen’s answer.

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Video Transcript

Original Question: “My daughter is home schooled and she receives PS. Can this create problems?”

Answer: No. I don’t see why that would be a problem.

Expanded Answer: Are you afraid their going to take it (PS) away for that (Homeschooling)? Cause no they can’t.

If you can still establish that there is a need for Protective Supervision for time in the home, school should be off limits. In your case school is at home. You would simply report to the SW during the assessment that the same behavior that happens during times in the home that is not related to school also occurs, I would assume, when your doing your homeschooling. So there should be no reason why they would take away Protective Supervision for homeschooling.

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