Snapshot of Governor’s proposed cuts to IHSS in the May revise:

Although rescinding his threat to eliminate IHSS altogether, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has instead proposed a massive cut of up to $750 million in the program. This would represent more than 60 percent of the current IHSS budget. The proposed cuts are to be made with details “developed using a stakeholder group” however the Administration would make the final decision on what would be proposed to the Legislature July 1st.

We must take every action available to stop the legislature from voting for this reprehensible method of balancing the budget

There Are Other Choices

Why our voices are so important: Last year the governor and a few ambitious DA’s generated a lot of negative press around the issue of “fraud” in IHSS. The California legislature voted on cuts following this misinformation spread in the media. This makes it doubly important to contact both your legislators and your local editor or TV news channel to tell your side of this story.

If you need any assistance, you are welcome to join our support group at: IHSS Advocacy Group

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