Describing the Need for Protective Supervision

In this IHSS video segment, Larry points out the importance of establishing a good trail of third-party documentation to support your child’s need for protective supervision. In terms of “saying the right things”. It’s not so much what you say. It’s more what you can validate through the third-party documents.

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Video Transcription & Notes:

The following information is Larry’s formatted response to a viewer who mentioned she was worried about not describing the need for Protective Supervision correctly in an effective way that would express the need for the IHSS service.

I have a philosophy that i use, and my partner’s know this very well. I believe that when someone’s asking for a service like Protective Supervision, it is essentially equivalent to someone saying, “the sky is falling”. When somebody is in a panic mode (“the sky is falling”), they’re going to be screaming at the top of your lungs, “I need help”. So as a result of that screaming for help, they’re probably going to scream help to:

  • doctor(s)
  • ABA therapist
  • Regional Center workers
  • Social Woker(s) from IHSS
  • many other people in the school district

If in fact, these issues are something that are severe enough to warrant protective supervision, there should already be a record that’s been created as a result of your yelling, “I need help” to these other agencies. Not necessarily that these agencies have viewed it themselves. But that you’ve reported it.

Examples of third party documents:

  • In your iep at school
  • It should be something your doctor references when they fill out the associate 21
  • told to the social worker at the assessment
  • ABA report

Hot IHSS Tip:

When you go through to establish these concerns, it’s not so much that you say it. It’s whether you can validate that you have said it to other people in the past. That’s actually far more important because that establishes your credibility as a witness when you actually present in the hearing.

A lot of times judges will dismiss a claimants testimony if it’s not supported by other documents. The logic is very valid. If this is something that is such a high concern of yours that you know you need help, it’s logical that that you would have told a lot of different people about it and they would have written it down in these third-party reports.

In terms of “saying the right things”. It’s not so much what you say. It’s more what you can validate through the third-party documents.

This video segment was taken from a live Facebook stream and can be viewed in it’s entirety here: Conflicting IHSS Regulations (MPPs) & Clarifications (ACLs) – Full Live Streamed Video.

At the end of the live stream Larry answered some viewer questions. This IHSS video segment and Protective Supervision information on this web page was created from the response to the question: “My question is that I know he SHOULD qualify but I am worried about not describing it correctly. We have to be home with him and just found out we can maybe receive help.”

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IHSS Tips | Describing the Need for Protective Supervision | It's not so much what you say. It's more about what you can validate through the third-party documents. IHSS Advocates
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