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IHSSadvocates provides full service representation for those families pursuing In-Home Supportive Service benefits. Specifically, our program focuses on over turning protective supervision denials for families with developmentally disabled children.

New IHSS Video: Parent Provider Employment Rules

IHSS Video - Parent Provider Employment Rules - Advocate, Larry Rosen

Watch a new video where Larry Rosen discusses employment rules for IHSS parent providers. Digging through all county letters and MPPs, he answers a couple common questions in regards to two parent households where one parent is a provider and the other is a non-provider. “Must a non-provider parent work full-time?” and other similar questions are answered in this video.

IHSS Wages by County
New IHSS Wages for 2021
In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS): A Guide for Advocates Banner
Published in July 2019 – Written by Claire Ramsey

IHSS Advocates Manual

The new IHSS Advocate Manual replaces the “In-Home Supportive Services Nuts & Bolts Manual. This manual is a joint effort between Justice in Aging & Disability Rights California and intended more for advocates and attorneys. The IHSS Advocate Manual is intended to help you…

IHSS Income is Tax Exempt!

Per IRS Notice 2014-7, the income you earn by providing in-home care to a disabled person can be excluded from gross income.

What is Nonself-Direction?

And how it affects the approval of Protective Supervision. In our IHSS video we explain it and 4 things you can do to prove it.

Anti-Social and Aggressive Behaviors

An advocate’s observations of the IHSS review process in the Implementation of All County Letter 17-95.

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