IHSS Manuals

Download important manuals about IHSS regulations.

IHSS Wages By County

IHSS Wages By County IHSS hourly pay rates as of: May 7th, 2022Source: California Department of Social Services Share this page via: Count

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IHSS Advocates Manual

Download the new "IHSS Advocates Manual" that was created in 2019 to replace the old IHSS "In-Home Supportive Services Nuts &Bolts manual". .

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IHSS Nuts & Bolts Manual

In-Home Supportive Services Nuts & Bolts Manual This legacy publication was intended to help you represent yourself and others in fair hearing

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SSI Deeming Rules

SSI Deeming Rules Generally, a parent's income and resources are "deemed", or attributed, to a child receiving SSI. This means that part of the pa

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