IHSS manuals

Medi-Cal Aid Codes Master Chart

The aid codes in this chart are meant to assist providers in identifying the types of services for which Medi-Cal and Public Health Program recipients are eligible.

MPPs - Manual of Policies and Procedures

MPPs outlines the "Social Services Standards" regarding service program number 7: In-Home Supportive Services. It provides a complete definition to the IHSS program.

IHSS Training Academy - Phase 4 - Evidentiary Principles

This training was designed to enhance the IHSS social workers' skills in performing complex IHSS assessments. Participants will share best practices and take part in exercises designed to ...

Getting Started with California IHSS

How to guide to California's IHSS program. In this overview you will learn about the IHSS program, eligibility, how to apply, and what to expect during the initial intake assessment.

SSI Deeming Rules

In this publication you will learn how to determine how much income is deemed from the parents to the disabled child, and how to determine whether the disabled child qualifies for any SSI. This means that ...

Administrative Law Judge Manual

This bench book is designed to advise judges as to proper conduct of a state hearing and how to address a variety of situations that arise in the hearing process. The policies set out in this bench book represent ...

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