IHSS Videos

Denied Protective Supervision & Considering Using an IHSS Advocate

IHSSadvocates provides full service representation for those families pursuing in-home supportive service benefits. Specifically, our program focuses on over turning denials of families with developmentally disabled children seeking Protective Supervision. This video is the first installment in a series of informative tutorials designed to assist those families interested in pursuing IHSS services on their own... See Video

Nonself-Direction in Approval of Protective Supervision

In this IHSS video we discuss the term nonself-direction and how it affects the approval of Protective Supervision for families with developmentally disabled children. Featuring IHSS advocates Larry Rosen and David Wolff. See Video

Engagement in Potentially Dangerous Activities

How to establish that your nonself-directing & mentally-impaired child is likely to engage in potentially dangerous activities. What does and does not qualify for Protective Supervision. Featuring IHSS advocate Larry Rosen of IHSSadvocates. See Video