IHSS regulations in California

New FLSA & SB 855 Requirements

Below are highlights from CDSS presentation regarding the new FLSA & SB 855 Requirements. You can download the full presentation at the bottom of this page. The final stakeholder discussion group pertaining to the implementation of the new IHSS overtime rules will be held on August 15, 2014.

Providers' IHSS Payments Excluded From Gross Income

Update: New Q&A's from the IRS - "Certain Medicaid Waiver Payments May Be Excludable From Income"

Proposed Regulations Attempt to Define Full Time Employment

For the first time IHSS is attempting to define full time employment. For years, caseworkers have been wrongly reducing or denying IHSS hours because two parents were present in the home. Current statute allows for parents meeting specific criteria to be paid parent-providers, with no restrictions for two-parent households. Current regulations, however, deduct time from the parent-provider’s IHSS hours when the non-provider parent is in the home.

New Federal Rules Require Overtime Pay for Caregivers Nationwide

US Department of Labor announced new regulations that will require overtime pay for the estimated 2 million IHSS workers nationwide. This includes the nearly 360,000 caregivers in California's taxpayer-funded In-Home Supportive Services program. The new regulations won't take affect until January 1, 2015.

Tricare Changes Would Limit ABA for Military Families

Starting July 25, Tricare is requiring children with autism to undergo standardized testing every six months and show measurable progress in order to receive applied behavior analysis therapy(ABA).

Governor Brown's Proposed IHSS Budget for 2013-14

Governor Brown budget proposal includes $1.8 billion General Fund for the IHSS program in 2013‑14, a 4.9‑percent increase over the revised 2012‑13 budget and 6.5‑percent increase from the 2012 Budget Act...

Proposed Federal Rules Could Disrupt IHSS

Proposed federal home care rules that would require overtime pay for certain caregivers could disrupt California's In-Home Supportive Services Program, according to stakeholders and state officials, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Proposed Budget Would Reduce IHSS for 254,000 People

Governor Brown proposes to eliminate domestic and related care services for most IHSS participants living with others, a change that would affect...

Release: Expansion of Managed Care for Medicare Medi-Cal “Dual-Eligible”

The Brown Administration yesterday released proposed budget related legislative language that would provide authorization to expand an existing effort to move hundreds of thousands of people with disabilities and seniors eligible for...

Facts About New IHSS Enrollment Requirements

There has been some concern and confusion about the new IHSS provider enrollment requirements, especially about new eligibility criteria and criminal background checks. We want to provide you with the facts about the new enrollment requirements and to...


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