Autism Education

Information about autism aimed at educating the public

Autism: Don't Try to Make Sense. Make a Difference!

Read excerpts from Autism Therapist Haim Ore's book, "Autism: Don't Try to Make Sense. Make a Difference!". Learn techniques and strategies for dealing with the behavior of autistic children. Haim shares his unique ability of simplifying the science of behavior modification and presents strategies in layman's terms.

Antibody May Be Clue to Autism in Children

Study finds that 23 percent of mothers whose children have autism have autoantibodies to certain proteins that are necessary for healthy neuron development.

In Vitro Fertilization Raises Autism Risk

Research shows that intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), a particular type of in vitro fertilization, is associated with a higher risk of autism and mental disability in children.

Air Pollution May be Linked to Autism

Studies show in utero and early-life exposure to pollutants like diesel particulates, mercury and lead, may contribute to a higher risk of autism.

Serotonin & Bacteria in the Bowels Linked to Behavior Problems

Research is showing that a common cause of autistic children acting out is simply because they're constipated -- which, from there, can mean they stop sleeping and eating well. They may become aggressive and frustrated because they have no other way of saying that their stomachs hurt.

Normal Peer Models for Autistic Children

Present research and legislation regarding mainstreaming autistic children into normal classrooms have raised the importance of studying...

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